A poster explaining the importance of domestic vector control efforts in preventing the transmission of Zika virus. It tells the story of a pregnant woman who is bitten by a mosquito, infected with Zika, and gives birth to a baby with microcephaly. Copyright Katrina Geddes, 2016. 

What monster have we created through investor-state arbitration? © Katrina Geddes

Philip Morris attacks Australian plain packaging laws © Katrina Geddes

he seizure of generic medicines in transit © Katrina Geddes

The Goose that keeps laying golden eggs © Katrina Geddes

An unfair arm wrestle © Katrina Geddes 

Investor-state dispute settlement provisions bring governments to their knees © Katrina Geddes 

The walking dead © Katrina Geddes 

Rising waters © Katrina Geddes 

The future © Katrina Geddes 

The TTIP Playpen © Katrina Geddes

Putting up new hoops © Katrina Geddes